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because perfection isn't easy

After five seasons, I am finally done with Fringe's fringe science when they started handwaving at the biological bases of emotion and reason.

Fringe writers weren’t just careless this week. They were outright lazy. There are at least seven Quincy Streets in Greater Boston—Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington, Medford, Dorchester, and Worcester—and you can go south on five, or arguably all of them depending on how complicated you want your route, to get to Worcester Union Station. That Walter didn’t qualify which municipality is unusual. Usually we Bostonians qualify which street or which part of a street we’re on by adding the municipality because small New England towns that combine to create larger New England cities often repeat street names. Broadway in Cambridge is a completely different street from Broadway in neighboring Somerville. Also, Walter seems to be riding a bus, not the Red Line, which is a subway train. Not that he could take the Red to Worcester Union anyway because the Red doesn’t go there.

Nothing Walter says makes sense, but this is Walter and likely he didn’t even think through his course or how to explain it. So let’s see if we can piece this together. 

Since Walter’s lab is at Harvard, it’s likely that he grabbed the 86 bus that does run south on Quincy St in Cambridge to the Harvard T station, which lies on the Red Line. Then Walter could take the Inbound train to South Station where he could take the Framingham/Worcester Line Outbound on commuter rail to the last stop at Worcester Union Station.

So Walter isn’t completely off, but what he said was off enough for this Bostonian (now Cantabrigian) to stop and gape at the video. Simply, that’s not how we talk about routes here. We take the 86 down to Harvard to grab the train to South Station and then take the commuter rail out to Worcester.

Also, Walter’s destination, 167 Cedar in Worcester, doesn’t exist, but the map Astrid shows on her tablet is accurate otherwise.

As I implied earlier, Fringe often mislabels locations, and it soon became a game for me to figure out what those places really are. Harvard is Yale. The Boston Federal Building is actually the John Hancock Tower. My favorite mislabel, however, is the one pictured above, especially since I lived at next T stop down.

For the curious, a partial list of filming locations can be found at Movie Maps.