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This is a dom in Greater Boston who refused to accept my no and tried to gaslight me. I told him that his advances would not be welcome but he still approached me. I said that I don’t have to justify the no but he said that I was reading too much into what he said. He wanted to reframe the conversation: It’s not a man who can’t take no but a woman who’s too hostile to take an innocent inquiry. This is gaslighting. This man gaslights women.

Some snooping reveals that he is also active in Providence. I wish I knew his FetLife profile, so I can alert people to who he is there, too.

For the curious, this is what I linked.

Some people just can’t be mocked.

Finally got Plague Inc: Evolved to satiate my desire to eliminate all of humanity. I named the disease “misogyny”, which produced hilarious in-game status messages.

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I’ve started to watch this show Almost Human and it’s kinda awesome, but it’s science fiction and already 15 minutes in there is unexplained new technology and I foresee so much yelling at the screen because I just can’t deal with wrongness. There’s DNA computing so DNA can be considered a programming language and then there’s programming DNA to build new structures so DNA can also be considered engineering material. But DNA is both. For proof, take a selfie, post it #nofilter on Instagram, tag it #selfmodulatingmolecularinformationrepresent, and welcome yourself to the club of All Lifeforms On Earth.

So saying “programmable DNA” is redundant in the same way that saying “period of time” is redundant, and maybe 35 years in the fictional future, this will be a thing. But it feels misleading because it implies that there is DNA that is not programmable. Yeah, no. But you can say “programmed DNA” because that’s what genes are. You can also say that in this future fiction “programmable DNA” is an industry term. At least then it’s not bad science communication. Then it’s just science fiction. As it was meant to be in the first place.

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